Massage Oil Blends

Massage Oil Blends

Massage Oil Blends

Massage Oil Blends

Massage Oil Blends
Massage Oil Blends
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Massage Oil Blends
100% Pure Essential Oils
Certified Organic Pure Essential Oils 
Premium Grade Carrier Oils
Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray
Aromatherapy Handmade Soap
Pure™ Antimicrobial Concentrate/
Hospital Grade Disinfectant
70% Ethanol v/v
Manjakani (Feminine Wash)


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Massage Oil Blends

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Our Aromatherapy massage oils blends are using high-quality carrier oils, mixed with essential / fragrance oils for a pleasant and soothing aroma which does not leave the skin feeling oily. Aromatherapy massage helps to obtain specific moods, promotes healing and eases muscle pain, aches and sprains. When you receive a message using our aromatherapy massage oils, the oils are absorbed into your skin and when you inhale the aroma, it provides physical and emotional benefits as well.

We have the widest range of scents for individual preference which allows you to choose the fragrance that you like and how you want to "feel" when you smell them. Use the invigorating, stimulating, or refreshing scents (Fruity and leafy) when you are feeling tired or low spirited. Try out the calming fragrances (Flowers) to ease away your worries, and select the rich and luxurious aromas (Special blends) when you want some pampering.

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