Tulip Aroma Diffuser

Tulip Aroma Diffuser

Tulip Aroma Diffuser

Tulip Aroma Diffuser

Tulip Aroma Diffuser
Tulip Aroma Diffuser
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Tulip Aroma Diffuser

  • $11.90

This elegant Tulip shaped car aroma diffuser comes with a separate USB interface for Car and Desktop usages providing you with a nice and pleasant scent wherever you are.
It is designed to be used as a Emergency Hammer that can be used to break car window during a crisis!

Choosing the suitable type of oil can be a hassle at times.
Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil is a solution the resolves this while emiting the best of our range of fragrances for your needs!

Package includes: Free 1 x 10ml Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil & 3 Fragrance Sponge

Product Specifications
(L) 4.5cm x (W) 4.5cm x (H) 7.8cm

Operating Voltage / Current - 12 V / 300mA
USB Output Mode - 5V / 3.1A (MAX)

Colours Available
Green, Blue, White, Black & Pink
Power Source
Car - Car Cigarette Compartment(DC Car Charger Plug)
Desktop - USB Type A
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